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high precision mounted logs HIGH QUALITY LOGHOMES

WoodenLodge's pine tree log means strength, durability, and high thermic barrier for your house. The logs are from Pinus sylvestris, also called Scots Pine. Wooden Lodge will build an authentic and healthy log structure, which will provide you confort, calm and security.

The logs are mounted with very high precision, which warranties high quality housing.

On top of that, Scots pin tree fulfill naturaly classe III of the norm EN335-2 which corresponds to outside elements of construction and which does not require chemical treatments.

Log Profile
22cm +-2cm, 25cm +-2cm (diamètre standard), 28cm +-2cm, 30cm +-2cm and 34cm +-2cm

What makes an excellent loghome builder?
Log house technique require a long experience in mastering two aspects:
1) The natural product, the logs, and,
2) The assembly of the logs together.

Loghouses are natural constructions : The logs are shrinking by about 2% over the time and some natural cracks may appear. One main element in loghome construction is in mastering this shrinkage, in particular, for the mounting of the doors and windows.

Furthermore, the natural craks do not alter the isolation of the loghouse if these cracks are restrained to the bottom of the log. So, it stays inside the wall.

Finally, WoodenLodge cuts and assembles logs with high precision. This precision can be easily noticed on our constructions. Indeed, our logs fit perfectly each other.

high precision mounted logs


All Estonian pine trees used in our loghomes come from Estonian forest certification scheme, implemented for sustainable forestry in Estonia. This scheme follows the PEFC International standards in forest management.

Scots pine tree HEALTHY LODGE

The cold conditions of Northern Europe ensure pine trees to be very dense making the Scots Pine log the perfect construction materials.

Scots Pine trees, also called Scotch Pine tree, have a beautiful light color, one of the most highly regarded world-wide.

Logs breath. Wooden Lodge house is cool in summer and warm in winter, making the home a healthy place for you.
Learn more about Scots Pine tree.

Pine Logs breath
In Log Homes, Red Pine tree gives a pleasant atmosphere that is calming and creates an agreable rhythm to life.

sans allergies Loghomes absorb and release humidity naturally creating a healthy atmosphere inside. Except for the water rooms, such as toilets, bathroom, a loghouse does not require ventilation system.

Breathing issues
Logs have positive effect on health, in particular, for people having allergy or breathing problems.

Indeed, the little variation of humidity through the year gives a quality of air, which is healthy and prevents dust mites.

On top of that, a loghome from Wooden Lodge is fresh in summer and warm in winter, making your housing a perfect place for living.

Tonic properties
In contrary to industrial processed logs, traditional loghomes manufactured by WoodenLodge keeps the living part of the pine tree, the softwood: The outer surface of the log is saved during construction. Softwood shows medical properties, such as antiseptic, expectorant, tonic, … which are exploited in medicinal treatments linked to breathing and lost of tonicity.

Spend one night in a traditional loghouse made of pine trees and you will feel good !

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